Game of drones? Election 2015
“Of the people, for the people”

Democracy is a political concept in which the person or persons in charge of a place or group is/are of no more value and importance than any other citizen, but merely a conduit for their will in order to organise and enact their demands and requirements. Democracy is, in theory, a form of government where citizens participate in government by choosing the government through free and fair elections. Those elected politicians then represent the needs of their constituents.

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The Big Picture is a static feature located within Hartlepool College of Further Education in one of its public areas. It is closely tied to the College’s RESPECT campaign, which promotes equality, fairness and understanding for all individuals across a range of social, moral and historic topics. RESPECT is a valuable resource that links to a range of teaching, learning and tutorial activities and involves and applies to everyone who works or studies in the College.