The Big Picture is designed with one reason – to be an internal educational resource within the College for the benefit of students and staff. It has its own dedicated space, and is backed up by access to the original artwork files (see below) and supplementary information in the form of suggested links and further materials. In many cases it is also supported by the College’s RESPECT campaign and the materials and additional information and support available through that.

A single member of staff with over twenty years of research and editorial experience researches, writes and generates the Big Picture artwork, though suggestions for topics come from a variety of sources. Some are based on a direct request from the Principal to tie in with a specific agenda within the College, others from topical news events, while some also tie in with established calendar dates such as anniversaries or events dedicated to raising awareness of a subject. Some are also generated by specific suggestions from staff or students.

The Principal has final say on a topic and once approved the work begins. The average Big Picture takes around two working days to produce.

Every time a new Big Picture is installed an email is sent to all staff informing them of the subject and suggesting key areas in which it applies to teaching and learning. PDFs are also made available via the College’s Blackboard system, which can only be accessed via a closed internal system. At no point are the files published online to keep within legal “Fair Use”.

The Big Picture is a static feature located within Hartlepool College of Further Education in one of its public areas. It is closely tied to the College’s RESPECT campaign, which promotes equality, fairness and understanding for all individuals across a range of social, moral and historic topics. RESPECT is a valuable resource that links to a range of teaching, learning and tutorial activities and involves and applies to everyone who works or studies in the College.