Extending The Big Picture

As stated above the Big Picture is a static feature and is closely tied to the College’s RESPECT campaign. While it presents a certain amount of information and detail, it is our aim to engage our learners beyond the research and raising awareness of the subjects in the hope that they will extend their interest and awareness through further activity. The RESPECT Team enhances many of the ‘The Big Picture’ themes with national events and by connecting with the wider community.

“The Bigger Picture”: Case Study – Holocaust Memorial Day

Hartlepool College has been promoting and raising awareness of Holocaust Memorial Day for six years now, each time tying in with the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust’s Annual Theme. Over the years since 2009 we have had collections of Shoes, Old Spectacles, Books, Toys that support the wider campaign.

In its work and awareness raising the College and its RESPECT TEAM has been recognised nationally by the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust.

The Collection

In 2015 the theme of Holocaust Memorial Day was ‘Keep the Memory Alive’, and so the RESPECT came up with the idea of working in tandem with our local Marks and Spencer Christmas Card Collection in aid of the Woodland Trust. This scheme collected old cards for recycling, and for every 1,000 a new tree would be planted. Over the first four week period of the new term Staff and Students collected over 2000 cards, which equates to two newly planted trees. As the planting of a tree can be both an act or remembrance and representative of life it was indeed the very essence of HMD Trust theme and Keeping that memory alive.

A twice weekly post on Twitter and Facebook of the collection’s progress kept all charities, staff, students and the wider world informed. This work was enhanced by tying the theme of The Big Picture in January to that of Holocaust Memorial Day, especially poignant in 2015 as it marked the 70th Anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz.

Working in Collaboration with the Community

As further examples of carrying forward the theme, the RESPECT Team were asked by Hartlepool Borough Council’s Youth Service to collaborate on creating and publishing a 20 page booklet on the Holocaust, plus a video and a presentation by the Holocaust Memorial Group (Hartlepool), a group of young people ages between 13 and 17.

This work culminated in an open invited event on Holocaust Memorial Day on Tuesday 27th January. From this collaborative work we are now looking to hold a bigger event at College in 2016 and looking for funding to take some HCFE Students to Poland in late Spring and be part of their own HMD event.


The RESPECT Team aims to use The Big Picture Theme to complement all other activities, co-ordinate with the national awareness campaign, connect to the wider community and engage our students and staff be it an event, fundraiser or embedding Equality and Diversity into the curriculum. All events are supported by a dedicated RESPECT Calendar / Unique Web Page and across Social Media. (pic examples)

Idea/Going Forward.

As well as all the resources from The Big Picture being populated and accessible via our VLE (Blackboard) we have plans to present forthcoming themes via a Closed Facebook Group to help students further engage in discussion about the Big Issue Topic. We also aim to enhance the Social Media presence of College E&D topics though the thought-provoking images we use in The Big Picture.

The Big Picture is a static feature located within Hartlepool College of Further Education in one of its public areas. It is closely tied to the College’s RESPECT campaign, which promotes equality, fairness and understanding for all individuals across a range of social, moral and historic topics. RESPECT is a valuable resource that links to a range of teaching, learning and tutorial activities and involves and applies to everyone who works or studies in the College.